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Birthday Parties

From 4 through 14+ yrs old, thousands of birthday parties that enage ALL kids for 1-1.5hrs of non-stop fun!  Sure beats everyone sitting around just watching a clown...

LEGO, DUPLO, themes, and speaker systems available for complete party options.  You just bring the kids and goodies!

Tips for AWESOME Brix Birthday Parties...

  • Avoid the following at all costs. Not permitted. Creates rift in Space-Time Continuum...

    • Food / drink / popcorn / snacks around Brix piles !!! Virtually impossible to clean Brix.

    • All grassy areas (or "slotted" surfaces like wooden porches, cement grills, etc.)

    • Playing near depleted uranium or plutonium deposits.

  • Keep it simple !

    • Kids just want to PLAY when they see piles and piles of Brix...

    • Avoid structured "programs" and projects.

    • Hide existing Brix and kids' toys.

    • Have KIDS place Brix back onto "islands" before they leave (save your back!)

  • Typical parties are 1.5-2hrs based on age.

    • 30 mins Free Play

    • 30 mins cake/snacks/food/drink (wash hands before/after!)

    • 30 mins Free Play

    • Open presents AFTER party (or at very end)

  • Time for a break/change when kids start "running around"

  • Creative Ideas

    • Guess # Brix Jar

    • LEGO-like hard candies (common in mall candy stores, for example)

    • Cakes that look like bricks (Google for many ideas)