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Family Nights to Special Occasions, Brixalot events can tie into COUNTLESS marketing and team-building themes for kids AND adults:

  • Building Bridges

  • Making Connections

  • Pluto in Orion near Capricorn

Virtually limitless creativity for concepts, ideas, and special events to make a truly unique and memorable engagement.


  • OrbitalATK, Takes Sons and Daughters to Work Day

  • Booz Allen Hamilton, Annual Conference Team Building

  • Chick Fil A, Herndon, Family Night

  • Chick Fil A, Reston, Family Night

  • Chick Fil A, Chantilly, Grand Opening

  • more !!!

Tips for Corporate Events...

  • Avoid the following at all costs. Not permitted. Creates rift in Space-Time Continuum...

    • Food / drink / popcorn / snacks around Brix piles !!! Virtually impossible to clean Brix.

    • All grassy areas (or "slotted" surfaces like wooden porches, cement grills, etc.)

    • Playing near depleted uranium or plutonium deposits.

    • Areas where people just ate (like Cafeteria) without first sweeping floor

  • Almost an INFINITE variety of programs... Have a Unique theme/occasion? Ask!

    • All at once

      • Large cafeteria / gym / meeting room needed

    • "Waves"

      • 200 = 100 x 2 waves, 50 x 4 waves, etc.

      • Typical when other "stations" or events are present or separate conference rooms

    • Walk-ins

      • Unknown number of families/employees come/go as they want (e.g. a "festival")

  • Facilitated

    • With RARE exceptions, a Brixalot Facilitator is required for Corporate events