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Sir Brixalot is an Eagle Scout and has served as CM, ACM, ADL, and is currently an ASM...  If you know what those acronyms mean, you know that he and his staff can control ANY chaos ;-)


  • Pack 160, Blue and Gold, Herndon, VA

  • Pack 160, Apr Pack meeting

  • Pack 1530, Blue and Gold

  • Pack 1439, Blue and Gold

  • Pack 987

  • Pack 1534

  • Pack 32, Join Scouting Night

  • Pack 1461, Bethesda, MD

  • Pack 1520, Blue and Gold

  • Pack 1519

  • Pack 555

  • Pack 1978

  • more !!!

Tips for Scouting Events...

  • Avoid the following at all costs. Not permitted. Creates rift in Space-Time Continuum...

    • Food / drink / popcorn / snacks around Brix piles !!! Virtually impossible to clean Brix.

    • All grassy areas (or "slotted" surfaces like wooden porches, cement grills, etc.)

    • Playing near depleted uranium or plutonium deposits.

    • Areas where people just ate (like Cafeteria) without first sweeping floor

  • Brixalot will bring both DUPLO and LEGO bricks for all ages

    • Invite Scouts, siblings, guests to play prior to event! Enough for all ;-)

  • Facilitated

    • With RARE exceptions, a Brixalot Facilitator is required for Scouting events

      • Risk of kids accidentally taking Brix

      • Keep area (and kids!) orderly

  • Duration

    • Typical Pack/Troop meeting

      • Recommend 50 mins of Free Play, so schedule a "special" meeting of 1.25-1.5 hrs

      • Minimize advancements, announcements, etc. for that meeting to maximize play time.

      • Plan for group pics at end of event just before closing ceremony (and email if you want to be on our website! ;-)

    • Primary Event, like Blue and Gold

      • Recommend 60-90 mins of Free Play

      • Do NOT put out Brix until READY TO PLAY! kids will not sit still seeing piles and piles of FUN nearby...

      • Layout logistics important: Brix need lots of floor space

        • Best if nearby open area, ready to receive Brix

        • If moving a block of tables/chairs to make space, might need brooms and allow extra time. This is challenging to efficiently execute with larger groups but can be done...